Trump vs DeSantis: The Tensions are Rising Regarding a 2024 Slugfest

When the election in Florida takes place, Donald Trump will likely vote for a Republican who could lead to his political demise before 2024.

After Trump told the Wall Street Journal that he would support Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' bid for reelection, it's widely believed that the former president and the state's governor will likely collide in a potential presidential primary in 2024.

While neither has officially announced their intentions, both have taken steps in the final days of the 2022 cycle to establish themselves as kingmakers and team players.

According to a source close to DeSantis' campaign, the two have a strained relationship. Although they're not at odds, they're not helping each other. This source noted that things are "cool" between the two, but they're not helping each other.

This week, the tension between the two became apparent after DeSantis released a robocall supporting Joe O'Dea, a Republican businessman who is running for the Senate in Colorado.

O'Dea has vowed to actively campaign against Trump should he decide to run for president once again. Although DeSantis has supported other Republican candidates in the state, he has not been as critical of Trump as O'Dea.

The former president was not surprised by the move. For months now, he has been agitating about the relationship between DeSantis and his aides. He also claimed that he could easily beat the governor in a primary.

Trump took to his social media platform to criticize DeSantis for endorsing O'Dea. Three days later, he announced that he would be holding a campaign rally in South Florida with Marco Rubio. According to a report by CNN, DeSantis was not invited to the event.

The first signs of a strained relationship between Trump and DeSantis were seen last fall when the governor's popularity grew and he criticized the policies of Trump.

Despite attempts by Trump's allies to try and ease the tensions between the two men, their relationship has remained strained. It's now at a climax as Trump prepares to release a post-election campaign announcement and DeSantis is expected to receive significant support from Florida Hispanics.

Over the past year, DeSantis has been making significant efforts to establish himself as a prominent figure in the Republican establishment. He has also been working on a potential White House run in 2024. Some of his allies noted that he doesn't want to jump into a primary right away. It's those overt steps that have irritated Trump most.

Trump was angered by DeSantis' endorsement of O'Dea in the Senate race in Colorado. The former president then criticized the Florida governor again when he refused to rule out a potential run for president if Trump were to run.

During a debate with Charlie Crist, the Democratic candidate for governor, DeSantis refused to commit to serving a full four-year term if he is re-elected.

Some Republicans dismissed the criticisms about DeSantis' commitment to serve a full term as unfair since he has a significant advantage in the race.

For months, Trump has been maintaining that he is the clear front-runner in the race for the Republican nomination in 2024. He has been asking his own pollsters to assess the threat that he could face from other candidates.

In response to the tension between Trump and DeSantis, the former president released a video on his social media platform that featured a prediction by Megyn Kelly, a former Fox News host.

She confidently stated that Trump would win the primary against DeSantis. Kelly has been a frequent critic of Trump during their 2016 campaign, but in the video, she noted that the president's supporters still remain loyal to him.

Some Republicans support Kelly's prediction. However, they are also looking for new blood in the race to replace Trump. They are tired of his constant legal battles and the media frenzy surrounding him.

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