Lost Again? Biden’s Amtrak Speech Leaves Public Doubting His Direction Skills

President Joe Biden’s navigational skills seem to be a bit off lately, causing some concern among the public. After a speech in Delaware where he discussed his extravagant $16 Billion Amtrak spending plan, the eighty-year-old president appeared disoriented and had to rely on his handlers to show him the way off the stage. It’s hard to believe that this was the same man who was once called ‘Amtrak Joe’ for supposedly traveling by rail from his Rehoboth home to Washington, D.C.

The GOP War Room wasted no time sharing a video of the incident, mocking Biden’s confusion and even suggesting he needed directions from the Secret Service. While it has become a recurring theme for Biden to rely on his retainers, security detail, and even his First Lady to guide him through public appearances, it raises eyebrows when it happens more than once in a single day.

Reporters caught another peculiar moment as the President returned to the White House via Marine One after a visit to his Delaware home. Despite the journalists shouting questions at him, Biden ignored them and walked with a stiff posture towards the West Wing. Once again, he appeared to consult a Secret Service Agent for directions before entering the Oval Office.

The RNC Research shared the video of this awkward exchange, highlighting Biden’s unusual gait, and emphasizing his disregard for the press. They captioned it, “Biden – making a mid-afternoon arrival after a weekend at his beach house – ignores questions, asks for directions, and shuffles into the Oval Office.” It’s becoming increasingly clear that Biden’s encounters with the media are a struggle for him.

Even content creator Igor Zarubin, known for his conservative views, chimed in on the official White House video of the Delaware event. He pointed out Biden’s dismissive behavior towards the press, his need for directions, and his overall inability to engage with the public. In Zarubin’s words, Biden spends his days telling fake stories to a fake audience.

These incidents of Biden’s befuddlement are not isolated cases. As Trending Politics has previously reported, the President often relies on pre-written notes and cheat sheets for press encounters and events. It seems his staff’s visible guidance has become a crutch for him, raising doubts about his mental acuity.

These concerns about Biden’s age and mental fitness are not only expressed by conservatives but also by the general public. The New York Times/Siena College polling showed that 71 percent of respondents, across all demographics, believed he was “too old” to effectively serve as President. Even 54 percent of Biden’s own supporters shared this sentiment. A Harvard Harris Poll conducted in July further displayed doubts about his mental acuity, with only 32 percent of respondents believing he is mentally fit for the job, and a staggering 68 percent expressing uncertainty.

As the public continues to witness Biden’s repeated gaffes and reliance on guidance, it is clear that his ability to effectively lead the nation is questionable. With poll numbers reflecting this sentiment, it’s time to start questioning if America made the right choice in electing an aging President who struggles to navigate through his own speeches and press encounters.

Written by Staff Reports

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