Biden Trailing Trump: Axelrod Calls for Younger Dems to Step Up

It seems like David Axelrod, the strategist who helped President Obama defeat Hillary Clinton, has some advice for President Joe Biden. According to him, it’s time for Biden to throw in the towel and let the next generation of Democrats take charge. Who can blame him? After all, new polls are showing that Biden is getting trounced by former President Donald Trump in five out of six swing states. Ouch!

Axelrod took to X to share his thoughts, and he didn’t hold back. He questioned whether it was wise for Biden to continue running and whether it was in his best interest or the country’s. He mentioned that it may be a little late to change horses, but the recent polling results make it clear that Biden is in deep trouble.

It’s not looking good for Biden. He’s trailing Trump in Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania – all states that he won in 2020. The only state where he manages to hold a pitiful two percent lead is Wisconsin. That’s not exactly a position of strength. What’s even more surprising is that Trump is winning the support of up to 22 percent of Black voters in those states. That’s unheard of for a Republican candidate in the post-Civil Rights era.

It’s ironic that Axelrod was the mastermind behind Biden becoming Obama’s vice presidential candidate in 2008 to appeal to working-class white voters. Fast forward to now, and Biden is struggling to win over white voters, especially those without a college education. It seems like Axelrod’s strategy has backfired.

But perhaps the biggest hurdle for Biden is his age. As the oldest-ever U.S. president, he has had his fair share of trips, stumbles, and other senior moments that have raised concerns about his ability to serve a second term. Voters, by large margins, believe that Biden is not fit to continue leading the country. Even though Trump’s disapproval numbers are also high, Axelrod warns Biden not to underestimate the voters’ distaste for his likely opponent.

In conclusion, it’s clear that President Biden is in deep trouble. New polls are showing him trailing Trump in key swing states, and even his previous supporters are starting to question his ability to lead. Axelrod’s advice to step aside and let the next generation of Democrats take the reins may be harsh, but it might just be what’s best for Biden and the country. After all, the stakes are too high to ignore the possibility of a miscalculation.

Written by Staff Reports

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