Trump Defiantly Spars with Justice Engoron in NY Fraud Drama!

Former President Donald Trump appeared in court on Monday for his civil fraud case, and it was nothing short of a showdown. Trump, never one to hold back, immediately launched into a monologue, calling the trial “crazy.” But Justice Arthur Engoron wasn’t having it. He quickly interrupted Trump and instructed him to only answer the questions presented to him. Good for Engoron for keeping things on track.

Of course, Trump couldn’t resist taking a swipe at Engoron, going off on a tangent about the statute of limitations and predicting that the judge would rule against him because he “always rules against me.” Engoron had to remind Trump that personal attacks wouldn’t get him out of answering the questions. Bravo to Engoron for standing up to Trump’s antics.

Engoron even had to appeal to Trump’s lawyer to control his client. That’s right, folks, the former president’s behavior was so out of line that the judge had to ask his lawyer to reign him in. It’s clear that Trump thinks he can act however he wants, even in a courtroom. But fortunately, Engoron wasn’t having any of it.

During his testimony, Trump also managed to throw in a dig at New York Attorney General Letitia James and the “Democrat” prosecutors going after him. It seems like Trump never misses a chance to play the victim card and claim that everyone is out to get him. But let’s be real here, Trump has a long track record of questionable actions and behavior. It’s about time he faces the consequences.

As expected, Trump’s lawyers defended his behavior, claiming he was just being responsive to the questions. Sorry, but that argument doesn’t hold up. A courtroom is not a platform for Trump to spout off whatever comes to mind. Engoron made it clear that he was there to hear the answers to the questions, not to listen to Trump ramble on.

Overall, it’s clear that Trump’s appearance in court was nothing but a circus. He tried to turn the trial into a political rally and attack anyone who didn’t play along. But Justice Arthur Engoron wouldn’t let Trump get away with it. Kudos to Engoron for standing his ground and not letting Trump derail the proceedings. It’s about time someone held Trump accountable for his actions.

Written by Staff Reports

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