Mace Targets Hunter Biden’s Evasion Game – No Special Treatment!

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) slammed Hunter Biden’s attempt to dodge a closed-door deposition before the House Oversight Committee, arguing that the privileged son of President Joe Biden should not get special treatment. Mace, a proud member of the committee, made it clear that she aims to uncover the truth about the Biden family’s shady business dealings.

During her appearance on Fox Business’s Mornings with Maria, Mace emphatically declared that Hunter Biden should not be treated differently from anyone else. She emphasized the discrepancy between the limited time given to lawmakers during public hearings versus the extensive information that can be gleaned during a deposition. The congresswoman highlighted the double standard, pointing out that Donald Trump Jr. had willingly participated in not one, but two depositions before Congress.

Mace expressed her determination to unearth the buried skeletons, emphasizing the need for multiple depositions to unravel the intricate web of financial entanglements surrounding the Biden family. With an air of righteous indignation, she demanded to know the origins of the Biden family’s financial ventures, the extent of Joe Biden’s involvement, and the flow of money from China to the United States. She stressed the importance of examining the WhatsApp messages, emails, and text messages to verify the details of the Biden family’s financial affairs.

Unyielding in her pursuit of the truth, Mace asserted that Hunter Biden should not expect to escape with just one deposition, given the staggering amount of money at stake. With unwavering resolve, she expressed her commitment to initiating the first step, which she proclaimed to be a mandatory deposition.

Criticizing Hunter Biden for attempting to evade the closed-door deposition, Mace vowed that he would not be allowed to play by his own rules. She made it unequivocally clear that the House Oversight Committee would not allow a man of privilege to sidestep the essential process of testifying under oath in a closed setting.

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