MacKenzie Scott’s Billions Fuel Liberal Agendas!

MacKenzie Scott, the ex-wife of Amazon big shot Jeff Bezos, has been throwing around money left and right since her divorce in 2019. This lady hit the jackpot with around $35.6 billion in Amazon stock after that messy breakup. And what does she do with all that cash? She’s been funneling billions into left-wing causes under the guise of dealing with “race and ethnicity” through her philanthropic outfit.

Now, ol’ MacKenzie has dumped a whopping $4.8 billion into groups focusing on race and ethnicity since 2020. She’s throwing around so much dough like it’s Monopoly money! I bet she thinks she can solve all the world’s problems just by writing some big checks. But let’s be real here, folks. These left-of-center nonprofits she’s backing are probably just pushing some liberal agenda. We all know what that means – more government control and less freedom for the rest of us hardworking Americans.

And get this, in just the first three months of 2024, Scott donated $272 million to groups fixated on race and ethnicity. She’s like a broken record with this stuff. It’s always about race and ethnicity with these wealthy elites, isn’t it? They act like they can buy their way out of any problem by throwing money at it. But real solutions come from hard work and individual responsibility, not just handouts from billionaires trying to feel better about themselves.

It’s not just “race and ethnicity” that Scott is throwing her fortune at. No, she’s also showering left-wing organizations like Planned Parenthood with over $268 million in 2022. You know what that means – more abortions, more taxpayer dollars wasted, and more innocent lives lost. These so-called philanthropists are just funding more and more abortions, all under the guise of “reproductive rights.” It’s sickening!

And let’s not forget, Scott’s wealth is tied to Amazon, which is now worth double what it was when she got her Amazon stock in the divorce. She’s raking in the dough thanks to Jeff Bezos’ empire, but instead of creating jobs and boosting the economy, she’s using it to fund radical leftist causes. This woman needs a reality check. Maybe she should try living in the real world for a change and see how the rest of us regular folks make ends meet without billions in the bank.

In conclusion, MacKenzie Scott may think she’s some kind of savior by throwing money at left-wing causes, but all she’s doing is pushing a radical agenda that goes against the values of hardworking Americans. It’s time for her to wake up and realize that real change comes from empowering individuals, not from funding divisive and destructive movements. So let’s hope she sees the light and starts supporting causes that actually make a positive impact on society, instead of just fueling the flames of liberal activism.

Written by Staff Reports

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