Map Unveils Top Cities Infiltrated by Illegal Migrants – Guess Where!

Newly released data has shed light on a migration trend that may not come as a surprise to many: a significant influx of undocumented immigrants into cities with more liberal policies. These cities, once open-armed to newcomers, are now seeking federal assistance to manage the influx.

According to reports from the Washington Times, federal data shows that a substantial number of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border are choosing to head to cities led by Democratic administrations. In just the month of May, a staggering 2,572 individuals were "paroled" (essentially granted temporary admission) into these welcoming cities. Remarkably, 18 percent of these migrants opted to make New York City, Long Island, and the Hudson Valley their new homes, signaling a considerable wave of newcomers.

But that's not all. An additional 30 percent of these migrants decided to settle in other liberal urban centers, such as Chicago, Boston, Miami, and the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to these cities, locales like Atlanta, Denver, Detroit, New Orleans, and Washington, D.C. also attracted significant numbers of these migrants.

Here's the catch: out of the 2,572 illegal migrants, a stunning 1,290 have not received any notice of deportation. Essentially, they can go about their daily lives without the fear of consequences. Furthermore, over a hundred of these migrants have chosen not to comply with immigration authorities, essentially playing a game of hide-and-seek with ICE, which complicates the situation further.

It's no wonder that the Center for Immigration Studies, a conservative think tank, has labeled these cities as "sanctuary" cities. These municipalities have policies in place that restrict ICE's access to information and cooperation, essentially providing a safe haven for those who have violated immigration laws. With the exception of Miami, all of these cities have measures in place that hinder ICE's ability to enforce immigration laws. Therefore, not only are these migrants being given temporary sanctuary, but they are also facing limited enforcement measures from these cities.

The situation has become so challenging that immigration courts are struggling to cope with the caseload. In 2023 alone, nearly 3 million migrants illegally crossed the southern U.S. border, a number equivalent to the population of a small country. Regrettably, the influx of illegal migrants is surpassing the capacity of immigration courts to handle them, creating a significant challenge akin to trying to stop a tidal wave with a single sandbag.

In summary, it appears that liberal cities that once welcomed undocumented immigrants with open arms are now dealing with the consequences of their initial openness. Rather than taking full responsibility for their policies, these cities are now seeking federal intervention to address the issue they helped create. It is a situation that raises important questions about immigration policy and enforcement in the United States.

Written by Staff Reports

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