Marjorie Taylor Greene Teases HUGE 2024 Bombshell

One of the GOP's up-and-coming young rockstars is Marjorie Taylor Greene. The Republican Party typically has an outdated, stodgy, and out-of-date reputation. If the toddler on the left has crazy eyes, blue hair, and a nose ring, the grandfather on the right is stuffy, frigid, and lives in a gated neighbourhood. not anymore, really. While the left sucks their binkies and rages at the climate, young upstarts like Ron DeSantis, Glen Youngkin, and Marjorie Taylor Greene are set to launch the GOP into orbit.

Speaking of upstarts, everyone is aware that Donald Trump, the GOP's undisputed upstart, will almost probably run for president again in 2024. He may be attempting to reshape the ticket this time around with his next running mate, though. Old, jaded sellouts like Mike Pence are gone, replaced by young, attractive people with fresh perspectives. Marjorie Taylor Greene even made a suggestion that her young face would appear on the ticket in 2024. Look at this.

Robert Draper, a writer for the New York Times Magazine, claimed on MSNBC on Saturday that the firebrand lawmaker had informed him that she would run against former President Donald Trump in 2024.

If he decides to run for president again in 2024, Trump is reportedly looking for a woman to join him on the campaign trail. He has not yet made a choice.

What a "beauty and the beast" tale! After his disastrous choice of the disloyal Mike Pence as his running partner in 2024, President Trump could and should look for a LOYAL replacement. Pence was a poor decision from the start, presumably made to win over the Midwest's religious right. As many in the party may soon learn, Pence effectively killed his own career when he chose to ignore Trump and disparage him. You just don't do that.

Even when the rest of the party was deserting our 45th President like it was the Titanic, Taylor Greene never wavered in her support for him.

According to the author, it is "likely" that the former president spoke with other well-known Republican women about similar topics.

He told interviewer Ali Velshi, “To be fair, Ali, it’s very likely that Trump has had this conversation with half a dozen other people too,”

But there is something she possesses that others might not, he claimed.

“What Greene possesses that Trump so craves is loyalty. She has always been there for Trump. She has always had his back and after his experience with his last running mate, Mike Pence, it’s clear that he’s going to prize loyalty above all else, so I wouldn’t count it out,”

The GOP needs new blood, but not necessarily a new direction; instead, it needs younger faces who can connect with younger voters. AOC is the ideal illustration. She isn't in her current position as a result of wise strategy; rather, she is or was a somewhat endearing figure in spite of the terrible propaganda that emanates from it.

A well-qualified, younger woman might be exactly what the doctor prescribed to give the GOP the curb appeal it needs to win back the middle-class female support that Trump lost in 2020. Marjorie Taylor Greene may have the cure for the party's ills in 2024.

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