Matt Gaetz Explodes: Corruption Ends Only with Power!

Matt Gaetz, a Republican from Florida, made a passionate speech at the State Fair of Iowa, where he called for the use of force to restore order in Washington. He accused those he believes are threatening the country of opening borders and using the law to suppress dissent.

Addressing his supporters at the Iowa State Fair, Congressman Gaetz said that despite the positive atmosphere in the fairgrounds, he and his team know that only by force can they change Washington. He urged his supporters to remain vigilant and predicted that they would win the state and save the country.

Although Gaetz's call for action is strong, it should be noted that he isn't advocating for a coup or violence. Instead, he is calling for strong action to address what he sees as the corruption in Washington. The left-wing media might use his words to smear Republicans, and a clip of his "by force" quote has already been circulating online. Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail and Gaetz's call for action won't be distorted.

Written by Staff Reports

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