Shocking Claim: Dem Urges Biden to Bow Out of 2024 Race!

In a bold move, Congressman Dean Phillips called on Joe Biden to step down from the presidential race in 2024 and allow the country to turn the page. During an interview on NBC's "Meet The Press," the congressman stated that the people of America are ready for a change. He also praised Biden for saving the country.

Congressman Phillips stated that he was not motivated by his own desires, but by the desire of the American people to see President Trump step down. When asked by Chuck Todd if he didn't want Biden to run, Phillips said that people wanted to move on. He said that he was speaking for the majority of Americans, who are tired of the negativity and fear-mongering displayed by Trump.

According to Phillips, Biden could be best served by handing the reins to a moderate governor from one of the swing states.

The comments made by Phillips, who is widely expected to run for president, caught the attention of the media and sparked speculation about his possible candidacy. During a discussion with Todd, Phillips stated that he wanted to see a moderate governor in the primary, and he also noted that Biden's approval ratings were low.

Despite the timing of his statements, Phillips maintained that primaries are important and shouldn't be considered a threat to the Democratic Party's chances of regaining the White House. The congressman encouraged people to get involved in the race and noted that the country needs new leadership.

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