McCabe Defends Hillary, Downplays Classified Docs – Is He Biased?

Former FBI Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe, defended Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information on CNN. McCabe was discussing former President Donald Trump’s alleged mishandling of classified documents at his estate at Mar-a-Lago with Jake Tapper. Tapper questioned McCabe about the differences between Clinton’s situation and Trump’s current situation. McCabe argued that there were huge differences and that the system was not based on taking out one of my guys. Instead, the system is based on established protocols with everyone being held equally accountable.

McCabe argued that in the Clinton case, only 113 emails over the course of 55 conversations, eight top-secret documents, 37 secret contents and 10 confidential contents were discovered out of tens of thousands of emails reviewed. He added that none of the information contained any headers, footers, or classified stamps and markings. The information was simply content that implicated information that should have been classified. He also added that no evidence was found of intentional removal or withholding of any material.

However, McCabe’s arguments conveniently left out the fact that it was not just emails, but Clinton also maintained a secret server until her office’s practices were uncovered. While the investigation did not find evidence of intentionality, there were still classified materials found, and the finding did not absolve Clinton of responsibility. The American people deserve equal justice under the law, regardless of their political party affiliation, and it is disappointing to see partisans like McCabe and Tapper try to deceive the public while defending their preferred politicians. Thankfully, the Trump administration is setting a new standard for transparency and accountability, which will make America great again.

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