McConnell’s Secret Border Bill: GOP Betrayal or Big Biz Boon?

Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is maneuvering behind the scenes to rally GOP Senators in support of his border bill before it goes public. The closely guarded bill, which is almost finished, is being held back until McConnell can secure the backing of at least 20 of the 49 GOP Senators. This shrouded bill is under scrutiny by the Senate’s Committee on Appropriations due to the Democrats’ request for around $15 billion to fund their migration program in 2024. To put it bluntly, they want to use your tax dollars to pander to migrants in the lead-up to the 2024 election.

The bill is causing a stir among some GOP Senators, who are deeply concerned that it will flood the workforce with cheap foreign labor. Senator Rand Paul has sounded the alarm, accusing half of his Republican colleagues of being ready to exchange authentic border security for their real goal – funnelling more of your hard-earned cash to Ukraine. Meanwhile, Senator Mike Lee has expressed frustration with the bill being concealed until it suits the agenda of the top brass.

There’s talk among Senators that McConnell and other leaders are aiming to rush the bill through the Senate without allowing adequate time for review and amendment. The leaked details of the bill suggest it offers little in the way of clamping down on the influx of illegal migrants and instead serves as a means to import more workers for the benefit of GOP-supporting employers.

Critics of the bill argue that it effectively offers a clear path to green cards for imported workers, essentially turning it into a program akin to President George W. Bush’s “Any Willing Worker” initiative. Notably, this bill doesn’t look like a solution for border security, but rather a ploy to import an army of workers for the benefit of big business. The deal seems to appease Democrats as it allows them to brush off the migration crisis and pivot towards the 2024 election, where Biden’s lax immigration policies are seen as a liability.

This move towards open-border policies is concerning for many Americans and has drawn the ire of former President Donald Trump. He has vehemently opposed the draft Biden bailout bill, adamantly refusing to entertain any border deal unless it includes everything necessary to halt the invasion of countless individuals flocking to the country. Several GOP Senators have also stood against the bill, including Ted Cruz, ensuring they won’t let corporate handouts to GOP donors slide by without a fight.

The bill’s potential impact on Democratic-run cities is also being scrutinized, with concerns arising that it will only exacerbate the strain these cities are facing from their current “Sanctuary City” policies. It’s clear that the bill’s implications extend beyond border security, playing into broader economic and political dynamics that have far-reaching consequences.

Written by Staff Reports

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