Trump Erupts at Ex-Aide McEnany, Battles Fox in GOP Showdown

In a not-so-surprising turn of events, former President Donald Trump is catching flack from his former press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany. The firestorm started after McEnany suggested Trump should shift his focus to the general election and leave fellow GOP candidate Nikki Haley alone. Trump, never one to hold back, fired back at McEnany, calling her a “RINO” and dismissing her advice as irrelevant.

And the social media saga didn’t stop there. Trump took a swing at Fox News for their coverage of his New Hampshire victory, pitting the network against CNN and MSNBC. He even gave Fox the new nickname “MSDNC” in a classic Trump-style tweet storm.

McEnany’s warnings about potential pitfalls for Trump in a general election matchup with President Joe Biden didn’t sit well with the former commander-in-chief. She pointed to data from exit polls, highlighting vulnerabilities that Trump may face. According to the polls, Biden performed better within his own party when primary voters were asked if they would not vote for him.

It’s no secret that Trump isn’t one to take criticism lightly, especially when it comes from someone who was once a part of his inner circle. McEnany’s advice to focus on uniting the party and winning over independent voters, citing Nikki Haley’s success in this area, fell on deaf ears in the Trump camp. The former president’s victory over Haley in the New Hampshire Republican primary seems to have fueled his confidence, despite McEnany’s warnings about potential roadblocks in the general election.

As the drama unfolds, it’s clear that Trump remains laser-focused on securing another victory, employing his signature style of brash rhetoric and social media outbursts. Love him or hate him, there’s never a dull moment in Trump land. So buckle up, folks, because the show is far from over.

Written by Staff Reports

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