Mexican Gov Sides with Dems, Slams FL Migrant Program: Is the Left Ignoring the Facts?

The Mexican government is joining American Democrats in their latest attack on conservatives by condemning Florida’s migrant relocation program to sanctuary cities. This move comes after a Mexican national from Chiapas was transported to Sacramento along with other migrants. The Mexican foreign ministry stated that they strongly reject the practice of transferring migrants, claiming it violates human rights and the constitution of the United States.

As a result of Florida’s efforts to relocate illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities, Democrats are accusing the state of human trafficking and using people for their political benefit. This accusation is completely unfounded and is just another attempt by the left to smear conservative values and actions.

Fortunately, Florida has proved that its migrant relocation program is entirely voluntary. Each migrant who participates in the program does so through verbal and written consent, meaning that they want to go to their new location. A third-party NGO, Catholic Charities, ensures their safe transfer, paid for and funded by the federal government.

It is clear that left-wing politicians ignore the migration issue when it occurs along the southern border. However, when conservative states create a relocation program, liberals suddenly label it as false imprisonment and kidnapping. Florida’s efforts to offer a possible solution to the ongoing crisis at the border have been met with undeserved criticism from Democrats.

Thankfully, Florida continues to fight for the rights of states and legal citizens by providing a voluntary and humane solution to the migrant crisis. The Mexican government’s condemnation of this program should be ignored, as their history of supporting illegal immigration proves that their interests lie elsewhere.

Written by Staff Reports

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