Biden’s DOJ Targets Trump, Shields Hillary: Mar-a-Lago Raid Exposed

The House Judiciary Committee's indictment of former President Donald Trump and failure to hand over information about the Mar-a-Lago raid show that the Biden administration has shameless double standards. The committee is worried that the actions of the Biden administration, especially the indictment of Trump, are little more than a politically driven prosecution. The fact that the Department of Justice (DOJ) won't give the committee the papers and information it asked for adds to this suspicion.

As a reminder, the DOJ has not brought charges against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or President Biden for their egregious mistakes with secret information. It's a big worry that the DOJ cares more about making a political statement than actually doing its job. There are also claims that a Biden DOJ lawyer "inappropriately tried to pressure" a Trump lawyer with the promise of a judgeship. This adds to the suspicion.

The committee has learned a lot of new information that backs up its opinion that the raid on President Trump's home was done for political reasons and with an unusual lack of openness. Steven D'Antuono, who used to be the assistant director in charge of the FBI's Washington Field Office, had strong doubts about the Department's decision to go through with the raid and pointed out some strange things about the way the Department handled the case. For example, the search wasn't done by the Miami Field Office, and the FBI didn't wait for President Trump's lawyer to be there before doing the search.

Recently, the committee asked the Justice Department for papers and emails about meetings between FBI and Justice Department officials before the search. They have also asked for papers about how the FBI talked to the US Secret Service about the possibility of searching President Trump's home. The committee wants the Justice Department to stick to the June 16 date.

The House Judiciary Committee also reminds the Department of Justice that it has review authority over the DOJ. The Biden administration's political politics can't win out over the rule of law, and it's important to keep looking for the truth and being open about the Mar-a-Lago raid. As a proud conservative, I think this is a very good reason why the Department of Justice and our institutions need strong leadership and conservative policies.

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