MI Supreme Court Rejects Anti-Trump Ploy, Upholds Ballot Spot

The liberal Michigan Supreme Court, in a shocking display of judicial activism, refused to take President Donald Trump off the state’s 2024 ballot. The court, obviously biased against conservatives, claimed they didn’t see any reason to review the case before tossing it out like yesterday’s leftovers. What a bunch of baloney!

Just last week, the Colorado Supreme Court, riddled with left-wing influence, ruled that Trump couldn’t be on their ballot because of some flimsy argument about the 14th Amendment. They’re just grasping at straws to keep a true patriot off the ballot. Give it a rest already!

But wait, there’s more! Colorado even decided to hold off enforcing their ruling, just to give Trump a hard time. It’s like they’re playing a game of political hot potato, passing the problem along until someone else has to deal with it. Typical liberal antics!

If that wasn’t enough, a left-wing organization, Free Speech for People, is behind all of this nonsense. They filed lawsuits in both Michigan and Minnesota, trying to push the ridiculous idea that the events of January 6, 2021, were somehow an insurrection. These outlandish claims are just a way for them to attack Trump and anyone who supports him.

It’s clear that the radical left will stop at nothing to keep President Trump out of the political arena. But we know better than to fall for their shenanigans. We’ll keep fighting for conservative values, no matter how hard they try to silence us!

Written by Staff Reports

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