Michigan’s Insane Misgendering Law: GOP Fights Back on PC Madness

The woke Left strikes again! Republican lawmakers in Michigan are sounding the alarm on a new hate crime law that seeks to imprison individuals for the horrendous crime of “misgendering.” Can you believe it? Apparently, hurting someone’s feelings by using the wrong pronoun is now a felony in the great state of Michigan.

One brave Republican taking a stand against this outbreak of political correctness is Representative Brad Paquette. He’s calling out the bill for what it truly is: a narcissistic and victimhood-driven attempt to force the acceptance of gender theory upon those with differing viewpoints. It’s the epitome of delusion, folks.

Paquette understands the danger that gender theory poses to our nation, and he’s not alone. Other Republican representatives, such as Matt Maddock and Angela Rigas, are criticizing Democratic Mayor Gretchen Whitmer for trying to control how Americans speak. Apparently, Whitmer thinks she can dictate our words, but we won’t stand for it.

Let’s dive into the absurdity of this proposed law, aptly named HB 4474. It states that offenders can be deemed guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment for not more than five years or a hefty fine of $10,000, simply for “misgendering” someone. This means that if you accidentally use the wrong pronoun, you could end up behind bars or penniless. Is this really the America we want?

To make matters worse, the bill’s definition of “gender identity or expression” is so broad that it encompasses anyone who is perceived as having a gender-related self-identity or expression, regardless of their assigned sex at birth. This leaves the door wide open for potential abuse and misuse of the law. Are we to believe that someone’s perceived gender is more important than reality?

It’s clear that the Left is using every tool at their disposal to silence their political opponents. In their quest to persecute conservatives, they are willing to criminalize thoughts as thoughtcrimes. They want to put every Christian in prison just for holding traditional values. As Republicans, we must resist this assault on our First Amendment rights.

Unfortunately, the Democrat-controlled state House has already voted 59-50 in favor of this outrageous bill. Now it’s up to the Michigan State Senate to make the right choice and reject this assault on free speech. But let’s be real—Governor Whitmer will likely sign this bill into law because she has shown time and time again that she values political correctness over individual liberties.

Fellow conservatives, it’s time to stand up against this woke agenda. Our freedom of speech is at stake, and we cannot allow the Left to control our words or imprison us for expressing our beliefs. Let’s make sure the Michigan State Senate understands the dangerous consequences of this bill and protects our First Amendment rights.

Written by Staff Reports

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