Mike Pence Got PUNKED with Fake Presidential Paperwork?

On Monday night, Mike Pence, the former Indiana governor and US Vice President, set political Twitter ablaze when apparently he had filed an election commission form indicating that he was planning on running for president.

But now the reports say it wasn't him that submitted the paperwork.

A spokesperson for Mike Pence confirmed that the former governor did not file to seek the presidency. He referred to the online submission as a Mike Richard Pence document.

The form listed an address for a campaign committee that was called Mike Pence for President. It was located northeast of Indianapolis.

It's not clear who submitted the documents. One user on Twitter noted that O'Malley said that somebody deliberately did it as a prank.

In November, Pence told ABC News that he was considering running for president in 2024. He also said that he would be talking to his family about it during the holidays.

In November, he also said that he would not be running for the Senate seat in Indiana. Instead, he would be focused on running for president..

Trump so far is the only Republican candidate to enter the 2024 race officially.

Written by Staff Reports

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