Liberal Mayor Urges Citizens to Embrace “Big Brother” Surveillance State

In response to the growing use of facial recognition software in New York City, Mayor Eric Adams said that Big Brother is protecting people.

In response to concerns raised by elected officials, Adams stated that the use of facial recognition technology would not lead to a surveillance state.

Adams blamed his predecessor, Bill deBlasio, for what he referred to as a state of lawlessness in New York City.

Through facial recognition software, surveillance cameras can identify individuals who are wanted by law enforcers when they enter certain areas. However, this technology is not perfect.

In response to the issue of lawlessness, the mayor said that the city would continue to use the latest technology to identify and prevent criminals from committing crimes.

Despite the concerns about the potential effects of mass surveillance, the mayor noted that it was a good thing that the technology was used.

According to the mayor, the lack of support for technology among elected officials was surprising. He noted that many of them were afraid that it would lead to a surveillance state. Big Brother was protecting people.

In 1984, George Orwell wrote a dystopian classic about the rise of Big Brother. With that in mind, the mayor is most likely hoping that New York City residents will embrace this technology.

In response, Albert Fox Cahn, who heads the surveillance technology oversight project, warned that the use of facial recognition software could be used to target and suppress dissent.

He added that the use of facial recognition tech would be frightening, but it would also be a recipe for disaster as it would give an agency too much power.

According to civil liberties groups, the widespread use of facial recognition software could lead to a situation where everyone is tracked and monitored regardless of their criminal record.

In China, authorities used the software to determine if individuals were allowed to access the Internet. This was an extension of the country's social credit score system.

According to the Daily Mail, Chinese citizens would have to show their ID card in order to get a landline or internet access. The facial-recognition test would then determine if the card belonged to the individual.

It has long been the goal of globalist scientists and technology experts to develop technology that can identify people without their knowledge.

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