MSN floats Hillary Clinton as Democratic savior in wake of Biden’s gaffes and Trump fear

In the wake of Joe Biden’s embarrassing gaffes, Democrats are scrambling to come up with solutions – and boy, are they desperate. Some are suggesting doubling down on Biden, others focusing on demonizing Trump, while a few are even proposing Michelle Obama as the Democratic savior. But the latest suggestion making the rounds? Brace yourselves, folks, because is seriously floating the idea of Hillary Clinton swooping in to save the day as the next potential Democratic candidate for president.

Clearly, the left is in a panic mode if bringing back someone who already lost to Trump is their best idea. The folks at seem to think that Hillary Clinton is the answer to all of the Democrats’ woes, conveniently forgetting her past failures and the fact that she’s not getting any younger. But hey, according to one enthusiastic reader, at least she’s “sane not senile, knowledgeable not know nothing, and crafty not crazy.” That’s their pitch for the so-called “savior.”

Unsurprisingly, the real reason behind these desperate calls for Hillary or anyone else to step up isn’t concern over Biden’s competence. No, it all boils down to one thing – they’re terrified of Donald Trump. The left is resorting to labeling Trump as anti-American and anti-Democracy, likening him to a character from “Animal House” and warning of the specter of a potential king-like ruler.

Some might argue that the founders never intended for a king-like figure to lead the country, but last time anyone checked, the American people elected Trump as president, not a monarch. The left’s fear-mongering about Trump shows just how deranged their anti-Trump sentiments have become.

So, does America need Hillary Clinton to save the day? Do we really want to go back to the same failed policies and scandals of the past? Or perhaps, instead of panicking and searching for an eleventh-hour replacement, the Democrats should focus on presenting viable solutions and candidates that actually resonate with the American people. But hey, that would require some real introspection and effort, wouldn’t it?

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