MTG: Explosive Documents Could Impeach Biden and End His Presidency!

The House Oversight Committee is on the brink of uncovering evidence that could crush Joe Biden’s presidential campaign and bring him to impeachment. Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene informed the Daily Caller that the FBI has in its possession an internal document that proves Biden’s alleged involvement in a “pay-to-play” scheme. Greene furthermore noted that this move would lead to his impeachment and also destroy his chances of being elected President again. The document shows, according to Greene, how Biden accepted money from an overseas national in exchange for foreign policy decisions while serving as the Vice President. It would expose Biden’s abuse of power and prove that he thieved riches to make the decisions on behalf of the US.

The committee has given the FBI until May 30 to hand over this “FD-1023 document” that allegedly assures the accusations against the President, but the FBI told The Daily Caller that doing so could expose the whistleblower and that the information was yet to be authenticated. The committee is also engaged in investigating the Biden family members’ alleged corruption by profiting from Romanian and Chinese assets by peddling influence. Still, their investigation has not been the end product to prove the President’s guilt yet.

The Oversight Committee assumes the FD-1023 document’s importance, and they want it because it has the potential to end President Biden’s political career by providing direct pay-to-play evidence. Greene alleges this “complete pay-to-play scheme” could have consequences for Biden’s impeachment. Alarmingly, she observed that it would also warrant a just Department of Justice to prosecute him. She further stated that the Oversight Committee was nowhere near but on Hunter Biden’s alleged case regarding human sex trafficking. It is a national security risk that is very concerning since it affects America’s security largely.

Greene sincerely believes in doing everything that it takes to make sure the truth is out there and make people aware of what their leaders are doing behind everyone’s back. She’s even made the effort to introduce articles of impeachment against the FBI Director Christopher Wray. In conclusion, the FBI’s refusal to hand over the documents is undoubtedly rendering possible harm to the American public’s safety. Thus the behavior of hiding such important documents for the security of Biden’s seat is condemnable and should result in the Director’s impeachment, not withholding its release.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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