Nazi Cocaine Bust: 58kg Hidden in Asparagus Shipment Bound for Belgium!

In a shocking discovery, Peruvian anti-drug police have thwarted a drug trafficking operation that sought to transport a disturbingly unique shipment of cocaine. In a container filled with unsuspecting asparagus from Peru, authorities found 58 kilos of cocaine – all of which bore the Nazi symbol, a swastika, and the name of German dictator Adolf Hitler printed in low relief.

The Liberian-flagged vessel SC Anisha R had anchored in the Ecuadorian port of Ecuador before arriving at the port city of Paita, located on Peru’s northern Pacific coast. The drugs were hidden inside the ventilation system of a container on board the vessel.

Upon closer inspection, the authorities discovered that the shipment was indeed addressed to Belgium. The police have been working around the clock to sift through more than 80 containers on board the ship. While Peruvian authorities have on some occasions found cocaine hidden inside packages with bizarre symbols, this is the first they have come across drug packages with Nazi symbols.

The magnitude of this clandestine operation cannot be ignored in light of the rising drug trade in Peru; so far in 2022, the authorities have already seized 22 tons of cocaine. Peru is second only to Colombia in drug production and is a vital transit point for drugs being smuggled into Europe and the US. Peruvian police have thus vowed to be extra vigilant in their fight against such criminal activities.

The discovery of this Nazi cocaine shipment shows how far drug traffickers are willing to go to smuggle their illegal wares. The use of Nazi symbols is highly offensive, and the Peruvian authorities ought to be commended for their swift action in putting a stop to this operation. The world deserves to know the kind of people behind this nefarious act and the real dangers that illegal drugs pose to our society.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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