MTG’s Epic 26-Word Trump Endorsement Unleashed!

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a prominent and outspoken Republican congresswoman, has expressed her strong support for former President Donald Trump. In a concise and direct statement on X, she made it clear that she believes in having a robust leader in the White House given the current global situation, and that's why she supports President Trump. This message quickly gained significant attention, with 97,000 views in just seven hours, highlighting the impact of her endorsement.

Greene's enthusiasm for Trump is further evident in her upcoming book titled "MTG," set to be published on November 21 by Winning Team Publishing. The book promises to provide readers with Greene's personal perspective on her battles in Congress and her journey from a small-town business owner to a prominent political figure known for her strong support of the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement.

In other news, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the forerunner to the CIA during World War II, was celebrated at a recent society gathering. The event, featuring retired Marine Maj. Gen. Paul Lefebvre as the master of ceremonies, included toasts to the United States, its allies, the OSS, and absent and missing comrades. The OSS Society, a nonprofit charity, is working to establish the National Museum of Intelligence and Special Operations to honor those who have served in these vital roles in national security.

National Veterans Small Business Week is currently underway, recognizing the accomplishments of military veterans who have become successful entrepreneurs. The Small Business Administration is hosting online and in-person events to showcase the contributions of veteran entrepreneurs to the economy. Rep. Roger Williams, chairman of the House Committee on Small Business, commended the nearly 1.8 million veteran entrepreneurs who generate around $1 trillion annually and employ nearly 4 million people, highlighting their essential role in the economy.

As Halloween approaches, it's notable that former President Donald Trump is a popular choice for adult costumes this year, ranking fifth on the list of the most popular costumes. Trump's cultural impact remains strong, particularly among younger individuals on social media. To dress as Trump, one can simply don a dark blue or black suit, a white shirt, and a red tie. Other notable costumes include Ken from Barbie, Oppenheimer, the Mandalorian, and Super Mario. For women, Barbie is the top choice, followed by Wednesday Addams and characters from popular science fiction films. Halloween continues to be an occasion for expressing political and cultural flair, and Trump remains a recognizable figure in this regard.



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