Cruz Slams Feds for Wasting $66M of YOUR Money on ‘Misinformation’ Cops

Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican, is not one to back down from a battle, particularly when it comes to defending the First Amendment. Cruz is presently requesting clarification from the National Science Foundation (NSF) concerning the allocation of tens of millions of dollars towards countering the spread of "misinformation." Cruz requests assurance in a list of inquiries presented to NSF Director Sethuraman Panchanathan that these grants are not being exploited to violate free speech.

Cruz has identified 105 grants that were disbursed between 2021 and 2023 and are valued at an astounding $66 million. The purpose of these grants was to enhance the capacity of organizations to detect and rectify "misinformation." Cruz is apprehensive, however, that a portion of these grants might be utilized to fund censorship and stifle dissenting opinions.

Cruz confronted Panchanathan at a recent hearing, where he accused the NSF of undermining its own credibility by providing funding to censorship organizations. In defense of the NSF, Panchanathan asserted that the organization neither censors nor regulates content. Cruz, however, contends that his examination of the grants is in opposition to Panchanathan's assertion. Cruz asserts that a considerable number of NSF-funded academic initiatives are merely designed to stifle conservative viewpoints.

Cruz specifically mentioned a $5 million grant allocated to the University of Wisconsin for the development of a "digital dashboard" capable of detecting and rectifying misinformation disseminated across social media platforms. Cruz also emphasizes grants that aim to equip the general public with the ability to discern truth, enhance the efficacy of fact-checking, and create software platforms to counteract the spread of misinformation.

Cruz is resolute in his pursuit to hold the NSF accountable and ascertain that these grants adhere to the safeguards provided by the First Amendment. Additionally, he has questioned a distinct $5 million grant allocated to George Washington University for the purpose of delivering psychological assistance to journalists who allege they are the targets of "harassment campaigns driven by misinformation." Cruz requests that the agency justify how this grant contributes to the NSF's purpose of advancing scientific knowledge.

An intriguing development has transpired when the Supreme Court consented to hear a case contending that the Biden administration's collusion with social media companies to stifle online speech violated the First Amendment. A lower court had previously characterized the conduct of the administration as "Orwellian." This occurrence serves to emphasize the criticality of Cruz's request for responses from the NSF.

The NSF has not provided any comment regarding the matter at this time. The manner in which they address Cruz's concerns and whether any action is taken in response to his inquiries are yet to be determined. However, Cruz's resolute commitment to protecting free speech is praiseworthy, and his endeavors underscore the ongoing struggle for the preservation of our constitutional liberties.

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