AOC Scrambles to Condemn Antisemitism: Critics Cry Foul Over Timeliness

AOC’s sudden concern about antisemitic attacks is being met with intense criticism, and for good reason. Throughout the Israel-Hamas war, AOC has made it clear where she stands, showing support for Hamas and criticizing Israel’s response. Now, after weeks of silence as antisemitic attacks have surged worldwide, AOC is singing a different tune. It’s a little too late for her to try to distance herself from the antisemitic goons who have been wreaking havoc in the name of Hamas.

Instead of speaking out against the rise in antisemitic attacks and standing up for the Jewish community, AOC and her squad members have focused on falsely accusing Israel and highlighting the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. They have ignored the plight of Israelis held hostage by Hamas and failed to condemn the barbaric tactics of the terrorists, including beheading babies. It’s clear where their allegiances lie.

AOC’s sudden concern for the Jewish community has raised eyebrows, with some suggesting it may be motivated by polling and the fact that New York has a large Jewish population. But her past actions and rhetoric cannot be forgotten. She has repeatedly spewed talking points that align with Hamas and has fueled the flames of antisemitism. Her recent statement condemning the attacks may be too little, too late to convince her Jewish constituents that she is not a pawn in Hamas’ propaganda campaign.

In the end, AOC’s attempt to distance herself from the antisemitic attacks will not absolve her of the fact that she has contributed to the rise of Jew hatred. She cannot expect to condemn the attacks and receive forgiveness for her role in fueling violent antisemitism. Her actions speak louder than her words, and the Jewish community will not be fooled by her sudden change of heart. AOC’s convenient concern is just another example of her flip-flopping and unreliable stance on Israel.

Written by Staff Reports

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