NBC Puts LGBT Agenda Above School Shooting Victims: Conservatives Demand Truth!

NBC News has been accused of kidding by conservatives in the aftermath of a school shooting at the Covenant School located in Nashville. Six people lost their lives, including three children, when Audrey Hale deliberately attacked the private Christian academy. Demands have been made for better security at public events due to the shooter’s gender identity. Hale was found to be identifying as transgender and employed male pronouns. The police exposed this through Hale’s LinkedIn page. Unfortunately, there has since been anti-conservative rhetoric and even a demand to postpone public events by noting the LGBT community is living in fear. It has been argued that it is unacceptable to overlook the victims of the attack to focus on singular political agendas.
It is astonishing that NBC News appears to be focusing on the LGBT community’s fear resulting from the shooter’s gender identity. Clearly, the radical left is attempting to politicize this event to achieve their own end. They campaigned vehemently for gun control when white male shooters were committing crimes. However, their tune is now incredibly different considering that the shooter does not match the demographic that they typically target. The shooting victims have become collateral damage while the left seeks some sort of victim clout from this tragedy.
The media’s actions are shamelessly tone-deaf. It is unacceptable to give LGBT rights priority to the point whereby the shooting victims are completely forgotten. Furthermore, this was not an LGBT-targeted attack, and there is no need for the community to live in fear. It is time NBC News and other media companies start reporting on the facts instead of pushing their liberal agendas. The fake news bubble is about to burst, and the public is tired of being fed twisted versions of the truth. It is tragic what happened at the Covenant School, but the focus should remain on the actual victims of the attack, not a political point to be scored against the conservatives.

Written by Staff Reports

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