New Dem Leader Goes On Racist Rant Against Black Conservatives

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) is under criticism for his controversial views, highlighting a growing concern for the rise of Black conservatives in the political arena. In an editorial, Jeffries provided concerned readers with a stern warning. He emphasized that the “rise of the Black conservative” endangers the well-being of the Black masses by ensuring the continuation of their oppression.

Jeffries was particularly outraged by the appointment of Justice Clarence Thomas to the United States Supreme Court, calling the move frightful. He was also harsh on popular Black conservatives such as Colin Powell, Shelby Steele, and Justice Clarence Thomas, labeling them as tools in the hands of the predominantly white media. Jeffries claimed that his movement was suspicious about non-Blacks promoting Black conservatives. He insisted that this approach was questionable since a ruling elite wouldn’t push individuals who worked to dismantle their vice-like grip on power.

In the article, Jeffries accused white people of inventing token Black characters on their shows and movies for reasons of racial diversity when they were merely propagating their right-wing agenda. He noted that such a strategy did not advance the cause of uplifting the Black community.

The House Minority Leader concluded by acknowledging that he wasn’t trying to limit Black political thought to specific ideologies. He hoped that African-Americans would become critical thinkers, evaluate the merits of the Black conservative movement, and assign it its proper place in the struggle to emancipate persons of African descent.

Jeffries’s views have caused outrage to his political opponents who claim that they do not reflect the aspirations and views of millions of Black conservatives in the United States.

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