Liberal Judges Stifle Economic Progress By Halting Mining Project

Liberal Activist judges have once again stopped a mining project in Nevada despite proper permits and environmental reviews. The decision comes after a group of environmentalists filed a lawsuit claiming that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) granted access to land without proper evidence that the mining would lead to the extraction of valuable minerals.

U.S. District Judge, Larry Hicks used the earlier decision of the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that halted a mine of Rosemont Copper Company from dumping waste in a forest land that contained no minerals. Hicks’s judgment blocked the Eureka Moly LLCs’ preparation for a molybdenum mine, making it impossible for BLM to permit the project.

However, senior officials and industry experts have observed that the decision would not have any significant impacts in the future as the three cases are unique, and a straight-line comparison could not be made. Besides, Mark Compton, the executive director of the American Exploration & Mining Association, believes that valuable minerals deposits found in waste and land surrounding proposed mines for waste is legitimate, even if those lands did not contain the minerals that served as the basis for the claim to the mine.

It is expected that environmentalists hoping to stop mining projects would be delighted with the ruling, which could make it difficult for prospectors to extract minerals in various states unless valuable mineral deposits are discovered.

This decision will undoubtedly lead to economic losses, as mining remains a vital component of the state’s economy. It is left to be seen if legal recourse would be taken to overturn the judgment and keep the state’s economy moving forward. Regardless, the liberal court’s decision seeks to slow down the progress of capitalism at a time when the economy is recovering.

Written by Staff Reports

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