Biden’s Irish Trip: Taxpayer-Funded Family Vacation or Diplomatic Disaster?

President Biden’s Irish rendezvous with his son Hunter and their family members has caused quite a stir recently. The President’s entourage has been touring around the picturesque countryside of Ireland on the taxpayer’s dime, evidently enjoying an opulent family vacation. During his visit, President Biden has scheduled a couple of brief stops to attend official presidential events where Hunter has contributed by helping his father make painfully accurate statements.

During President Biden’s stop in Dublin, he clumsily mixed up two states, South Carolina and North Carolina, to which his son promptly corrected him. Hunter, who is currently under federal investigation for his tax felonies and other unspeakable crimes, had to tell his father which state was which. According to the White House transcript, the President was in awe of Hunter’s knowledge and thanked him for his keen insight.

The President’s less-than-graceful mistake with states isn’t the only thing that has people talking. President Biden’s discussion with a group of Irish children on his tour has caused quite the uproar. Unfortunately, instead of focusing on real issues, Biden decided to spend the conversation denouncing his fellow American politicians. In his tirade, Biden chose to single out the late Jesse Helms, a former senator from North Carolina, who he described as “not very crazy about African Americans.”

It seems that President Biden is more interested in politicking than engaging in actual diplomacy while on his trip to Ireland. His gaffe and his derogatory comments about a fellow American politician highlight his obvious lack of tact and decorum on the international stage. Instead of espousing the traditional American values f unity and diplomacy, Biden has chosen to further divide and spread hate.

Written by Staff Reports

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