New York Times Downplays Biden’s Lies, Makes Excuses for President’s Falsehoods

The New York Times finally fact-checked some of Joe Biden’s lies, but they tried to downplay them and make excuses for the president. This is a common tactic by liberal media to protect Democrats like Biden. It’s clear that the Times knows Biden has a credibility problem, which is why they felt the need to address his lies.

It’s concerning that Biden continues to tell falsehoods to the American people. People need to be able to trust their president, and lying to pander for votes is not acceptable. The Times described Biden’s lies as “personal tales with rhetorical flourishes,” which is just a fancy way of saying he’s not being truthful.

The Times also tried to compare Biden’s lies to those of former President Trump, suggesting that Trump’s lies were worse. This is a biased comparison meant to deflect from Biden’s dishonesty. The reality is that Biden has been caught in numerous lies, and the media should hold him accountable.

Biden’s lies, such as claiming he was the first in his family to go to college or that he was a teenage civil rights activist, are problematic because they show a pattern of deception. The Times failed to address all of Biden’s lies, including ones that could have influenced elections or misled the public on important issues.

It’s crucial for the media to report honestly about Biden’s lies and hold him to account. Americans deserve transparency and truthfulness from their leaders, and it’s disappointing to see the Times trying to cover up for Biden.

Written by Staff Reports

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