Biden’s Paris Trip: Confused Moments Spark Concern Among Conservatives

Joe Biden’s confusion during his trip to Paris has raised eyebrows among conservative observers. From claiming questionable ancestral ties to struggling with basic tasks, the President continues to stumble through international engagements.

During a state dinner, Biden shared a bizarre story about his heritage, likening himself to a “son of the American Revolution.” Such moments only add to his already questionable reputation for sharing odd anecdotes reminiscent of a certain fictional character. 


Accompanied by the First Lady, Jill Biden, the President’s behavior only grew more concerning. Jill appeared to have difficulty with her attire, while Joe’s inability to navigate a simple greeting with veterans left many cringing.

Even Macron’s wife had to step in to guide Biden, highlighting the President’s apparent state of confusion. His awkward movements and bewildered expressions further fueled doubts about his fitness for office.

The media’s attempts to downplay these incidents fall flat in the face of overwhelming evidence of Biden’s cognitive struggles. Voters must carefully consider whether they can trust a leader who consistently falters on the world stage.

Written by Staff Reports

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