New York Witnesses Minor Plane Crash

The single-engine plane crashed in a field outside of New York City shortly after taking off from the Kennedy Airport. The pilot and his passenger died on impact. The plane had reportedly malfunctioned after takeoff, and the pilot reported that the engine was experiencing oil pressure issues.

In a communication with air traffic control, the pilot stated that he was experiencing oil pressure issues and that he was planning on declaring an emergency.

The controller then asked the pilot if he had the power to make the engine work. The pilot responded that the engine was already over powering.

The pilot continued to indicate that he could not see anything. The air traffic control tried to direct the aircraft to a safe landing. However, contact with the plane soon ceased.

The plane crashed as it was trying to make an emergency landing near the Westchester Airport in New York. Both the pilot and his passenger died in the crash.

According to George Latimer, the Executive of the County of Westchester, the pilot had only a few minutes to try and make a safe landing.

Before the plane crashed, passenger Chafetz sent a series of text messages to his family. He also talked to his wife about his goodbyes.

The NTSB and the FAA are currently investigating the crash.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on OANN.

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