Justice Department Refuses to Release Details of Biden Document Scandal Investigation

In response to a request from the House Judiciary committee, the Department of Justice stated that they would not be sharing information that was collected during their investigation regarding the classified documents that were found in the possession of President Joe Biden.

There were multiple documents from Joe Biden's time as vice president that were found in his private office and home. The Department of Justice is currently investigating the matter. Robert Hur, a former US Attorney, was appointed as the special counsel.

In response to the committee's request, the Justice Department stated that it would not be sharing the information that it collected during its investigation into the matter. The department noted that its priority is to protect the integrity of its work.

According to the Department of Justice, its long-standing policy prevents it from providing details about the investigations that it is conducting.

The Daily Wire reported that the House Committee had responded to the letter by asking why the Justice Department was reluctant to cooperate with its investigations.

The response from the Department of Justice was reportedly made after Rep. Jim Jordan, R-OH, asked for documents related to the discovery of classified materials in Biden's home and office. The House Committee, on the other hand, also asked the department several questions about the investigation.

According to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Biden asked his lawyers to clear out his office. He said that instead of his general staff, the former vice president asked his lawyers to do it.

McCarthy noted that somebody else knew about the documents. He also said that the lawyers should not have been looking for them since they were already aware of their existence.

The FBI was not asked to search Biden's home. The Justice Department maintained that it would thoroughly investigate the matter.

It was also revealed that Biden's son Hunter, who is known for his criminal activities, was able to live in the president's house while the documents were being kept there.

In response to the scandal, Biden said that the questions about the matter were "quite frankly bugs" him. He also stated that he was fully cooperating with the investigation and that he was confident that the situation would be resolved soon.

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