NFL Star Butker Criticizes Biden, Defends Traditional Values at Catholic University

NFL kicker Harrison Butker gave a speech at a Catholic university in Kansas and spoke out against President Joe Biden and the country’s cultural decline. The Kansas City Chiefs star talked about how President Biden claims to support Catholic values while also supporting abortion. Butker also criticized LGBT “pride” and transgenderism during his speech at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas.

Butker, who helped his team win a second consecutive Super Bowl, spoke about traditional values and how the world has changed in recent years. He mentioned the negative impact that bad leaders and the COVID-19 pandemic have had on society.

During his speech, Butker criticized Biden for publicly showing his Catholic faith while also supporting abortion. He also called out other Catholics who support cultural values that contribute to the country’s decline, including the belief that people can change their gender.

Butker encouraged the college graduates to go out and make a difference in the world. He emphasized the importance of speaking and acting with charity but not mistaking charity for cowardice.

Additionally, Butker criticized the LGBT “pride” movement and praised Benedictine College for embracing the teachings of Scripture. He encouraged the students to take pride in their institution and to focus on true, God-centered pride.

This is not the first time Butker has spoken out on important issues. Last year, he addressed students at his alma mater, Georgia Tech, and reminded them that worldly success is temporary. He encouraged them to be brave and start a family.

Butker’s speech showed wisdom and leadership, and he continues to use his voice to share important messages during a time when speaking the truth is often considered taboo. His words offer guidance and inspiration to those who hear them.

Written by Staff Reports

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