Columbia Grad Destroys Diploma in Pro-Palestine Protest

A graduate from Columbia University did a surprising thing during their recent graduation ceremony. The graduate ripped up their diploma while walking across the stage. This action was to show support for Palestine. The graduate had their wrists tied with zip-ties and wore a keffiyeh as a symbol of support for Palestine. They tore up the diploma, threw the pieces on the floor, and had a message taped inside their cap.

Other students at the ceremony also showed support for Palestine by wearing Arabic garments and zip-ties to mimic Palestinian prisoners. One student even had the name of a Hamas leader on their cap. Despite this protest, most of the graduation events at Columbia University went smoothly with no disruptions.

Columbia University had to change its main commencement ceremony to smaller ones due to clashes with the NYPD that led to many arrests. The university cited security concerns for this decision. They expressed disappointment with how things turned out.

As a politically conservative news writer, it is important to recognize and respect free speech, even when we may disagree with the message being shared. While the graduate’s actions may have been viewed as disrespectful by some, it is crucial in a democracy to allow for differing opinions to be expressed. However, it is disappointing to see a prestigious institution like Columbia University facing disruptions during such an important ceremony. It is crucial for universities to prioritize security and ensure that all events can proceed peacefully and without incident.

Written by Staff Reports

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