Nikki Haley Claps Back: “It’s Always The Liberals!”

Nikki Haley made the news on Thursday when she responded to Don Lemon’s implication that she was too old to be relevant. Haley, an ex-governor of South Carolina and ambassador to the United Nations, had just announced her presidential campaign a day earlier, in which she proposed mandatory mental acuity tests for politicians over the age of 75. This comment was seen as a dig at both 80-year-old President Joe Biden and her only Republican rival for the nomination, 76-year-old former President Donald Trump.

During a segment of “CNN This Morning,” Don Lemon expressed discomfort with Nikki Haley’s proposal to require mental acuity tests for elected officials over the age of 75. Lemon went on to suggest that Haley was past her prime, stating that a woman’s prime is typically considered to be in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, citing this as an objective fact and encouraging viewers to verify it through a Google search. In response, Lemon’s co-host Poppy Harlow questioned whether he was making reference to a woman’s childbearing years.

Later that morning, Haley took to Twitter to respond to Lemon’s remarks. In her tweet, she accused liberals of being opposed to competency tests for older politicians and claimed that they are the most sexist. Her tweet sparked a conversation on social media about ageism and sexism in politics, as well as the need for competent elected officials, regardless of their age.

After teasing the announcement for months, Nikki Haley finally announced her candidacy on Wednesday, positioning herself as a vocal critic of President Biden’s policies. Haley’s call for mandatory mental acuity tests for elected officials over the age of 75 was seen as a direct challenge to both Biden and Trump. While Lemon’s remarks triggered a discussion about ageism and sexism in politics, Haley’s response showed that she is not deterred by such criticism.

Although much of the discussion around Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign has centered on her age, her response to Don Lemon’s comments demonstrates her resolve to have an impact in politics regardless of her age. Her proposal for mandatory mental acuity tests for elected officials over the age of 75 has initiated a crucial conversation about the significance of having capable elected officials regardless of age. It remains to be seen how fruitful Haley’s bid for the presidency will be, but her determination and resilience will undoubtedly play a vital role in her success.

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