Is DeSantis Being Framed? Leftists Caught Removing Books From Classrooms!

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has been pushing back against the teachers unions in the state, who are attempting to limit his political career. He has proposed limits on leader pay and dues collection, and has been accused of enacting a “fascist book ban” by some officials in Florida districts. The law in question barred lewd, sexual, age-inappropriate material, and made it a felony to provide pornography to minors.

DeSantis has criticized the ideological leftists in Florida schools who he believes are engaged in obvious, ridiculous, and dishonest PR tactics in response to the accusations made against him. He has accused the teachers’ unions of instructing their members to remove harmless books from school libraries in an attempt to falsely label him and his supporters as racist and authoritarian fanatics. Additionally, the governor has highlighted that the books removed from Florida schools since the start of the academic year in September 2022 were mostly pornographic, violent, or unsuitable for the students’ grade levels.

DeSantis has emphasized that the expulsion of books from schools is a component of a more comprehensive attempt to obstruct his endeavors to prevent children from being able to view sexually explicit content and other unsuitable material. He contends that educators are taking these actions independently in an attempt to create an argument and that the problem can be resolved in a matter of minutes.

The governor has also highlighted the fact that schools have received substantial amounts of money in recent years from COVID-related funding. He asserts that school choice does not deprive public schools of resources, but rather offers underprivileged families and children an opportunity to break free from poorly performing public schools. In his view, these schools are like prisons.

DeSantis has been pushing back against the teachers unions in Florida for some time now. He believes that they exist for the purpose of electing Democrats and self-enrichment, and nothing else. He is calling out what he sees as intentional dishonesty and PR gamesmanship from ideological leftists in Florida schools. The governor is also advocating for school choice, which he believes will give poor families and kids a chance to escape failing public schools.

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