NJ Mayor’s Bold Move Against Border Chaos: “Not on My Watch!”

In an outrageously wild turn of events, New Jersey has become the latest battleground in the ongoing saga of the southern border crisis. Thanks to the reckless and out-of-touch policies of far-left politicians like Mayor Eric Adams of New York City, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has taken it upon himself to ship thousands of illegal immigrants to the Big Apple. But hold onto your hats, folks, because the plot thickens – some of these buses have now taken a wrong turn and ended up in the Garden State.

While New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy scrambles to deal with the aftermath of Adams’s executive order, one brave Democrat mayor in Edison, Sam Joshi, has stood up and declared, “Not in my town!” In a fiery social media post, Mayor Joshi made it abundantly clear that he will not sit idly by while illegal immigrants are dumped on his doorstep. “If any bus, train, or plane of illegal migrants come to Edison, I have instructed our law enforcement to charter a bus to transport them right back to the southern Texas/Mexican border,” proclaimed the no-nonsense mayor.

But wait, there’s more! Mayor Joshi, a rare voice of reason in the liberal stronghold of New Jersey, expressed his utter disdain for the misguided concept of “sanctuary” cities and states. “Our border policies need to be strengthened to stop illegal migrants from entering our country,” he passionately asserted. With a significant immigrant population in Edison, Mayor Joshi made it clear that he fully supports legal immigration, unlike the open-border radicals who have hijacked the Democratic party.

In a no-holds-barred video message, Mayor Joshi doubled down on his unwavering commitment to putting the interests of his constituents first. “Our tax dollars have to be fairly distributed and Edison does not have the resources required to accommodate these illegal migrants,” he explained. He also highlighted the fact that, like many hardworking Americans, his own family members and friends went through the immigration process legally, emphasizing the importance of upholding the rule of law.

In a political climate dominated by spineless leaders who pander to the radical left, Mayor Joshi’s bold stance against the influx of illegal immigrants is a breath of fresh air. While liberal mayors across the country buckle under the pressure of woke ideology, Mayor Joshi has shown that there are still principled Democrats who prioritize the well-being of their communities over virtue signaling and empty rhetoric. Kudos to Mayor Joshi for having the courage to stand up for the rule of law and the sovereignty of our nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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