Dems Exploit Capitol Ordeal to Cement Iron Fist Rule

On January 6th, the American left once again celebrated what seems to be a growing holiday for them — the Capitol incursion. The Democrats have managed to turn this once minor event into a major showcase of their power and a tool to strike fear in the hearts of the American people. With over 1,200 individuals already facing charges linked to the Capitol incident, the left’s obsession with this event has become a ploy to remind Americans of the consequences of going against the Democratic party.

It’s clear that the left’s focus on the Capitol incursion is not about justice, but about retaining their grip on power. The continued arrests and grandiose anniversaries of January 6th serve as a warning to the American people that their freedom is at the mercy of the Democrats. It’s all part of the left’s unrelenting quest for total control.

The FBI, once seen as an independent law enforcement agency, now appears to be acting as an extension of the Democratic party. The recent announcement of the arrest of three Jan. 6 fugitives at a Florida ranch has sparked outrage. The timing of the arrests, on the third anniversary of the Capitol incident, reinforces the perception that the left is using the FBI to instill fear and assert their dominance.

Jonathan Pollock, accused of breaching a barricade and assaulting officers, had been on the run with a $30,000 bounty on his head. Olivia Pollock, who failed to appear for her court date in March 2023, was also apprehended. The FBI’s actions have drawn sharp criticism, with many viewing the agency as an enemy of the American people. It’s a clear indication of the lengths to which the left and their allies in law enforcement will go to crush any opposition to their agenda.

As the FBI and the left are fixated on pursuing anyone connected to the Capitol incident, millions of illegal immigrants continue to pour across the southern border, largely unchecked. This stark contrast in treatment has left many Americans feeling betrayed and abandoned by their own government. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s vow to hold all Jan. 6 perpetrators accountable, whether they were present at the Capitol or not, only adds to the growing sense of government overreach and abuse of power.

The left’s relentless pursuit of those linked to January 6th, coupled with the potential amnesty for illegal immigrants, paints a disturbing picture. It’s evident that the Democrats are using the Capitol incident to advance their authoritarian agenda, leaving Americans in a state of trepidation and insecurity about the future of their country.

In the face of this escalating tyranny, it’s crucial for patriotic Americans to stand together and resist the left’s attempts to subjugate the nation. The 2024 election will be a pivotal moment in America’s history, and it’s essential to support voices that uphold the truth and fight against the elites’ efforts to silence them. As Benjamin Franklin aptly stated, “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” It’s time to unite in defense of America’s soul and stand up against the forces that seek to dismantle the foundations of our great nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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