NSC’s John Kirby Outrageously Says Military Needs Free Abortions to Retain Female Staff

In a recent tirade, National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby made absurd claims equating the capabilities of military servicewomen and female family members with combat readiness, recruiting, and talent retention. The decision by Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville to halt promotions and reassignments of certain generals prompted Kirby's monologue. This is because Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has chosen to disregard federal law and finance abortions for servicemembers and their dependents in states that respect the sanctity of human life.

Now, let's correct the record. Kirby and the Biden administration are attempting to portray this as if Tuberville has halted military promotions, but this is a load of baloney. The Senate can confirm as many Biden generals as they deem necessary; they must simply vote on the matter. Tuberville merely objects to motions for unanimous consent, which would require the Senate to carry out its responsibilities and schedule hearings and voting. But I suppose that is too much to expect from Chuck Schumer's Senate, as they prefer to launch personal attacks against Tuberville.

Kirby's assertions regarding the importance of the new DOD policy on abortion to military preparedness are completely absurd. There is no evidence to indicate that women are refusing to join the military or marry military males out of concern that they may need an abortion in the future. It is a completely absurd notion. The only reason I can conceive of why the Department of Defense would support this policy is to desensitize women to the concept of murdering unborn children. Frankly, the world already has enough psychopaths without recruiting women who wouldn't join if they couldn't have an abortion on demand.

And let's address Kirby's fears about being stationed in a state with restrictive abortion laws, such as Alabama. If someone in that situation needs an abortion that does not comply with Alabama law, they can simply request leave and travel to a location where their right to terminate a pregnancy is protected by law. There is no advanced science involved. Tuberville's efforts to have Austin comply with federal law are commendable. If Austin wishes to contend that the military cannot function without abortions, he must do so before Congress. And if Schumer and the Democrats in the Senate disagree, there is a straightforward solution: vote on the nominations. Stop dithering and get to work.

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