Trans Activist’s Shocking Claim: Owning Periods Cancels Womanhood!

In a recent TikTok rant, transgender activist “Blessing Rose” revealed a complete lack of understanding when it comes to the concept of womanhood. Rose snidely condemned women for claiming ownership of womanhood and periods, suggesting that pointing out the unique experiences of biological women equates to transphobia. This kind of rhetoric is not only dangerous but also erases the struggles and experiences of actual women. It’s mind-boggling that someone who identifies as a man can think they know what it’s like to experience the physical aspects of being a woman, such as menstrual cramps, carrying a baby, giving birth, and undergoing surgeries like hysterectomies. Putting on makeup and a wig does not make someone an expert on women.

This misguided view of gender and womanhood is not unique to Blessing Rose. Laverne Cox, another transgender individual, has also tried to erase the unique experiences of biological women. Cox argued on Twitter that there is no universal experience of gender and womanhood, completely disregarding the fact that society treats biological men and women differently and that women face specific challenges related to their biology. It is deeply disturbing to see these individuals mansplain to women that their experiences are not unique.

The most important thing to remember in this debate is that we cannot stay silent. These radical ideas will continue to flourish if good people do nothing. We must speak out against these attempts to erase the rights and experiences of biological women. It’s time to stand up for women and their rights, even if it means facing the possibility of being “canceled.” We cannot let this dangerous rhetoric go unchallenged.

Written by Staff Reports

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