DOJ in Hot Water: Lawsuit Looms Over Hunter Biden’s Foreign Agent Status

America First Legal, a conservative legal group, is taking legal action against the Department of Justice and Attorney General Merrick Garland over allegations that Hunter Biden failed to register as a foreign agent. According to the lawsuit, Hunter Biden did not register as a foreign agent while serving on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma during the Obama Administration. The lawsuit claims that the Department of Justice has a duty to require individuals to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act if they are aware of the requirement, but so far, they have failed to do so in Hunter Biden’s case.

This lawsuit is a clear example of the hypocrisy and double standards of the Biden administration. It’s no secret that Hunter Biden’s questionable business dealings have raised eyebrows, especially his involvement with Burisma. Yet, while charges have been brought against others for similar violations, Hunter Biden seems to get a free pass. It’s a classic case of the elites protecting their own. The American people deserve transparency and accountability, and if Hunter Biden failed to register as a foreign agent, he should face the consequences just like anyone else would.

The fact that Hunter Biden was able to secure a position on the Burisma board despite lacking qualifications is also concerning. It’s clear that his last name played a significant role in his appointment. This kind of nepotism is exactly what conservatives have been criticizing for years, and yet the Biden family seems to think they’re above the rules.

It’s time for the Department of Justice to take this issue seriously and hold Hunter Biden accountable. This lawsuit is an important step in ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their last name or political connections, are treated equally under the law. The American people deserve a justice system that is blind to political influence and that upholds the highest standards of integrity. It’s time for the Biden administration to prove that they are committed to these principles.

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