NY Gov Begs Biden: More Handouts, Jobs for Illegals!

In response to the growing number of illegal immigrants in New York, Governor Kathy Hochul of the state has asked President Joe Biden to help speed up the processing of their work authorizations. She also requested other assistance such as financial help for the city and state, as well as the use of federal lands for temporary shelters.

In addition, she is requesting that the government provide financial support to the members of the New York National Guard who are helping with the protection of immigrants.

Over the past year, the number of illegal immigrants entering New York City has increased significantly. This has strained the city's resources and caused Hochul's administration to allocate $1.5 billion in aid to address the issue. The state also announced a $20 million project to speed up the processing of asylum seekers' cases. In her letter to Biden, the governor noted that the situation has become a humanitarian crisis and called for a more robust federal response.

In addition, Hochul is seeking federal aid to reimburse the state the costs of sending National Guard personnel to shelters. She also wants to receive financial assistance to test immigrants for illnesses and help schools cope with the increased student population caused by the immigration crisis. Additionally, she requests aid in addressing the overcrowding in shelters and providing housing vouchers.

According to Hochul, the federal government bears the primary responsibility when it comes to controlling and managing the country's borders. She also stated that New Yorkers aren't responsible for the costs incurred by the state and city.

In her letter, Hochul stated that she could not ask New York residents to pay for the federal government's failure to address the issue. She urged the government to take immediate action to address the situation. She also directed the state's Department of Labor to establish job openings for illegal immigrants.

A spokesperson for the White House noted that New York and Biden are working together to address the issue. They also stated that Congress needs to provide additional funding to fix the country's broken immigration system. The governor's request for assistance highlights the problems that states face when it comes to dealing with illegal immigrants.

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