NY Gov. Hochul Turns Table on Biden, Regrets Coddling Illegals!

New York Governor Kathy Hochul is making waves with her call for stricter border regulations to prevent illegal migrants from entering the country. In a recent appearance on CBS’s “Face The Nation,” Hochul expressed her concerns about the influx of people from various parts of the world seeking asylum and ending up homeless on the streets of New York. She criticized President Biden’s open borders policy and called on Congress to take action.

During the interview, Hochul didn’t hold back her frustration with Republicans in Congress who complain about the migrants but refuse to work with President Biden on a sensible border strategy. She emphasized the need for limits on who can cross the border, stating that it is currently too open and causing a strain on New York City. Hochul pointed out that 125,000 newly arrived individuals have ended up on the streets of New York, resulting in increased taxes for the city.

While Hochul acknowledged New York’s history as a place that welcomes immigrants, she emphasized the importance of having controls in place. She called on Congress to increase border controls and not threaten a budget shutdown or elimination of Border Patrol positions. She even challenged Congress to double or quadruple the number of Border Patrol agents. Hochul’s stance is a significant departure from her previous statements in 2021, where she welcomed illegal migrants and said they were welcome in New York. What a change, Kathy!

This call for tighter border regulations comes after Hochul’s appearance on CNN, where she stated that New York has reached its capacity in terms of accommodating more migrants. She urged other areas to embrace these individuals, but emphasized that New York will not compromise its values as a welcoming state with the Statue of Liberty in its harbor. It’s clear that Hochul wants to manage the current situation and prioritize getting people out of shelters. However, her newfound concern for capacity begs the question: What changed, Kathy? It seems that the reality of the situation has finally caught up with her.

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