NY Governor Opts Not to Renominate Judge Grisanti After Misconduct

A New York judge who had been in trouble earlier this year after getting into a fight with his neighbors and pushing a police officer will be replaced on the bench. Judge Mark Grisanti, who used to be a state senator, made headlines in 2020 when a video showed him shoving a cop and mentioning his connections and family members during the incident. He will no longer be a judge after his current term ends, as his name did not appear among 25 judicial nominees suggested by Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul.

The state’s Commission on Judicial Conduct met in April to make a decision about the judge’s fate. While a move to have him removed was turned down, the commission recommended censuring Grisanti in a 6-4 vote. The commission not only raised concerns about Grisanti’s altercation with Buffalo police, but also about his involvement in cases with an attorney with whom he had a financial connection.


According to the commission, the 2020 incident began when Judge Grisanti got into a verbal and physical altercation with a neighbor and his wife over a parking spot. Both parties confronted each other, and the police got involved. Video from the incident showed Grisanti shoving the officer and using profanities, and he reportedly mentioned the names of high-ranking police officials.

Grisanti was never charged with a crime. Before becoming a judge in 2015, he had a private law firm that he sold to two attorneys. The commission noted that he was involved in cases with one of the attorneys during the time payments were being made, or in the 24 months after the balance was paid off.

Grisanti will continue to serve as a judge until his replacement is confirmed.

Written by Staff Reports

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