Addiction Is a Choice Not a Disease Say Conservative Scholars

Conservative thinkers Jeffrey A. Schaler and Richard E. Vatz challenge the prevailing belief that addiction should excuse individuals from personal responsibility. They argue that addiction is not a disease but a behavioral choice, contrary to popular opinion. The authors believe that blaming addiction for illegal behavior undermines the importance of individual accountability, a core value in conservative ideology.

According to the authors, labeling addiction as a disease is a dangerous misconception that weakens a person’s sense of control over their actions. They argue that scholars and experts who promote the disease model of addiction are imposing their morality on others and profiting from addiction treatment. They assert that addiction is a behavior and should not be equated with diseases like diabetes or cancer.

Schaler and Vatz emphasize the role of personal values in determining behavior, stating that behavior is a conscious choice made by individuals. They criticize the idea that addicts are powerless over their actions, highlighting the contradiction in promoting self-control while simultaneously labeling addiction as a disease. The authors advocate for a reevaluation of the societal perception of addiction to focus on individual responsibility and behavioral choices.

The authors draw on their expertise in psychology and political rhetoric to challenge mainstream narratives surrounding addiction and personal responsibility. They reject the concept of addiction as a disease and call for a shift in how society views and addresses addictive behaviors. Schaler and Vatz emphasize the importance of understanding addiction as a behavioral choice rather than a predetermined condition, aligning with conservative principles of personal accountability.

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