NYC Police Intervene as Columbia University Protests Threaten Jewish Students

New York City officials are speaking about the recent police intervention at Columbia University to stop anti-Israel protests. The police were authorized to enter the campus after protesters took over a building. University officials have stated that these protests have made Jewish students feel threatened and intimidated. The protesters have been calling for the university to stop investing in Israel.

This incident is part of a larger trend of anti-Israel protests on college campuses, including the University of California, Los Angeles. At UCLA, the protests became intense, requiring police intervention. These incidents highlight a growing concern about the intimidation of Jewish students on college campuses.

Conservatives are concerned about the growing anti-Israel sentiment on college campuses, as it can lead to the harassment and intimidation of Jewish students. They believe that universities should not support movements that promote these kinds of protests. The police intervention at Columbia University and UCLA shows that these protests are becoming more disruptive and aggressive, leading to potential safety concerns for students and faculty.

Written by Staff Reports

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