Ohio Democrat Wants To Ban Gas Cars, Drives SUV

Tim Ryan, the Democratic nominee for the Senate seat in Ohio, has in the past advocated for a ban on gas-powered vehicles; but, in one of his campaign ads, Ryan can be seen driving a huge SUV that uses a lot of gas.

During an interview that took place in 2019 during a primary debate for the Democratic presidential nomination, Ryan, who is also a member of Congress, stated that Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont's plan to outlaw gas-powered vehicles by the year 2040 did not go far enough. On the other hand, in a campaign video, Ryan can be seen driving about his community in a 2020 GMC Yukon, which, according to the Department of Energy, gets approximately 13 miles per gallon in terms of fuel efficiency.

“If we’re waiting for 2040 to get rid of gas vehicles, we’re doing something terribly wrong,” Ryan said.

Ryan, who votes the same way as Vice President Joe Biden every time, supported the passage of the Democrats' $370 billion climate spending bill. This bill will give tens of billions of dollars from taxpayer funds to fund the Environmental Protection Agency and facilitate programs that promote "environmental justice." Ryan votes with Biden 100% of the time. The Democrat from Ohio stated in August that the "Inflation Reduction Act" was a "huge win" for workers in Ohio and that they should support it.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, which was the publication that broke the information for the first time, the candidate for the Senate also owns a Chevrolet Tahoe SUV with a fuel economy of 15 miles per gallon. A spokesman for Ryan's team informed the Free Beacon that the candidate would not part with the vehicle for "anything."

In November, Ryan will compete against the Republican candidate for the Senate, J.D. Vance, for the seat that will shortly be open in Ohio's Senate due to the retirement of Republican Senator Rob Portman. According to FiveThirtyEight's analysis, Ryan is now ahead of Vance in the polls by an average of one point.

The campaign for Representative Ryan did not immediately reply to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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