Democrats Continue to Campaign on Abortion, but Few Support Restrictions

There are only a few weeks left until the midterm elections in 2022, and the vast majority of Democrats who are running for reelection in close races still refuse to clarify where those who stand on abortion or if they endorse any limitations, despite the fact that many candidates have made the issue the primary focus of their campaigns.

The silence from Democratic leaders comes just a few days after the press secretary at the White House, Karine Jean-Pierre, refused to describe President Joe Biden's particular view on abortion during a media briefing on Friday. Peter Doocy from Fox News approached Jean-Pierre and asked him whether or not Joe Biden supported placing any restrictions on abortion. Jean-Pierre sidestepped the issue by evading it and responding, I'm not willing to get into details here.

Fox News Digital went out to over two dozen Democrats who are competing for seats in the House of Representatives in this year's upcoming elections to inquire as to what, if any, restrictions on abortion they would support. Only Senator Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada and Representative Elissa Slotkin of Michigan responded to Fox News Digital by referring the outlet to statements they had made in the past.

In an interview with NBC News in September, Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto was asked if she supported any restrictions on abortion, and she responded by saying that she supports Nevada law, which states that abortion is legal up until the 24th week of pregnancy. A spokesperson for Cortez Masto's office directed Fox News Digital to the transcript of that interview.

According to Mallory Carroll, vice president for communications at SBA Pro-Life America, in an interview with Fox News Digital, Democrats are withholding the true extremism of their abortion agenda. Carroll also referred to Senate Democrats who supported the Women's Health Protection Act as extreme and fundamentally out of sync with the majority of Americans.

Fox News Digital was told by Austin Cook, a representative for Representative Slotkin, that the congresswoman is in favor of abortion rights up until the time where the fetus can support its own life.

Rep. Slotkin supports the 50-year guidelines established in Roe v. Wade, Fox News Digital's Cook reported. This includes the right to privacy in personal health decisions, including whether to abort a pregnancy up to the point of viability.  If a woman's health is at risk farther than that, the decision of whether or not to abort a pregnancy should be made by the woman and her doctor, not by the federal government, the author writes.

This November, residents of Michigan will have the chance to cast their votes on the Roe v. Wade standard, and Congresswoman Slotkin is in favor of that ballot measure. Voters will have the opportunity to choose between the Roe standard, which has been in place for the past half a century, and Michigan's 1931 legislation, which prohibits abortions even in the instance of horrific rape or incest, and in the process criminalizes women and doctors, The chef continued.

According to a recent review of political advertising that was conducted by the Associated Press, the Democratic Party has spent a total of $124 million on advertisements that use the word "abortion." This figure reflects over 20 times more spending on the subject than the party did during the 2018 season.

Polling results that were revealed over the weekends revealed that abortion is no longer the primary issue for many voters from across country. This is despite the fact that a significant amount of money has been invested in communicating the pros and cons of abortion. According to the results of a poll conducted by CBS News and YouGov, abortion came in seventh place among the subjects that voters evaluated as extremely important to their vote. In comparison, 82% of voters indicated that the economy was very important to them when they cast their ballot.

In spite of the fact that Democrats are putting abortion at the center of their campaigns and attacking their pro-life rivals for their "extreme" views on abortion, a poll conducted by Fox News in May indicated that the majority of Americans support prohibiting abortion in their state after 15 weeks, with only 41% of respondents opposing the ban.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Fox News.

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