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Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Slams The Biden Administration on Inflation

Even people who are the elitists are criticising the Biden administration for its appalling lack of leadership.

For the second time, on Sunday, Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon and the Washington Post, criticised the administration of Vice President Joe Biden, stating that the poorest people in the United States suffer the most from the effects of inflation.

Bezos stated in a tweet that “in reality, the administration attempted frantically to pump even more stimulus into an already overheated, inflationary economy, and only Manchin rescued them.”

“Inflation is a regressive tax that impacts the poor more than it does the middle class and the wealthy.” The following is what he said next: “Misdirection does not help the country.”

In his comments, Jeff Bezos was responding to a tweet sent out by Joe Biden, in which the latter stated that the current government is on track to reduce the deficit by $1.5 trillion this year, which would be the highest one-year reduction in history. Biden also took a shot at former President Trump, saying that the deficit expanded every year that Trump was in office and that Trump was responsible for it.

In an effort to deflect criticism for the inflation brought about by his government, Joe Biden is pointing the finger at corporations. Jeff Bezos called him out on it on Friday, suggesting that Joe Biden’s newly formed Disinformation Board need to look into his tweet.

He called it “misdirection” to point the finger of blame at businesses for rising prices.

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